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Altyn Yunus is one of the largest companies in central Asia which produces high quality food products. Our products are made according to State standarts from natural, high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials with natural additives.

Altyn Yunus has

  • More than 10,000 square meters of production sites
  • $20-25 million annual turnover
  • 15-20,000 outlet coverage nationwide
  • Production of 235 SKU of products
  • More than 700 employees
  • Own fleet

We export to

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Russia, Iran and Iraq.
Always ready to expand sales territories and looking for new Partners

We work to bring joy to every home by making products affordable, healthy and of high quality – we create a new standard of living for people in our country and open horizons for new opportunities with our Partners!

Our factory in Mary

Opened in 2016, it is designed according to modern world design standards and equipped with high-tech equipment. The plant is engaged in the production of roasted seeds and nuts, chewing gums and caramel on a stick.

Our factory in Annau

Opened in 2020. The plant’s modern high-tech equipment ensures automation of the production process. Dozens of types of crackers, bars, chocolate eggs with a surprise inside, waffles with filling are all produced in our factory.

Manufacturer products:

4095,00 $

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