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О нас

Turkmen Exporter is an online B2B marketplace that connects buyers from all over the world with manufacturers in Turkmenistan, for the opportunity to buy quality goods in bulk at favorable prices.

  • Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies find goods and raw materials for their business at bargain prices so they can build and run their businesses to their customer’s advantage, fulfilling their dreams and exceeding expectations.
  • Provide accurate and reliable information on Turkmen products and suppliers to global buyers
  • Quality: our B2B marketplace sellers are thoroughly verified, responsible manufacturers with extensive experience and a responsible approach to their business and their products.
  • Reliability: our manufacturers adhere to the principle of consistency and reliability in every aspect of their work. Turkmen Exporter monitors the fulfillment of its obligations, compliance with deadlines of all transactions.
  • Service: we promptly respond to all inquiries. We help with the execution of all necessary documents, assist in the selection of a logistics company.
  • Easy communication with sellers anytime and anywhere
  • Wide market with a large number of products and suppliers
  • Really favorable prices with decent quality